Send your pup on vacation while you are away. Dog Boarding is offered in the home of one of our experienced Team Member's. During the day your furry baby will enjoy the Day Care with his/her friends and in the evening he/she will go home with one of us to enjoy the rest of the day. We ensure the dogs who stay with us get enough exercise throughout the day in order to be a balanced dog. Walks, park time and lots of cuddle sessions are guaranteed! You will always be updated with your pup’s daily adventures and will receive tons of pictures and videos of your dog while staying with us.



$ 150 per 24 hours ($ 50 additional Holiday fee, no second dog discount)


Home sweet home

Your dog is staying at our private place to make sure he/she feels like home 


Depends on the energy level, age, and breed we make sure that the needs of each guest are taken care of. We take the pups to park visits, hike adventures or neighborhood strolls with us. A minimum of 60 min adventure time a day is included.


During your babies stay you will be always updated with videos and pictures. You also can follow his/her adventures on our Instagram.