Day - Care

Enjoy our huge Dog Daycare in the heart of West Hollywood. Our professional Team will make sure your dog has a safe and happy stay while you are away.


$ 35 up to 6 hours

$ 49 up to 12 hours

$ 13 hourly rate





Late pick up fee

After our closing hours we will be charging a late pick up fee of $ 1 for every minute.

The dog will be boarded if the owners doesn't show up 30 min later than closing time (if not otherwise communicated) and will be charged $95 for the night.

Day - Camp

For an additional charge of $ 38 (combined with daycare package) one of our Team members will take your dog out on an adventurous  hike/walk (60 - 90 min) with his pack members to make sure you will come back to a tired and happy dog at pick up.

Walking & Hiking 

We also offer Walking and Hiking Services from your location.


Hiking at Runyon Canyon Trail (smaller packs, 60- 80 min hiking time, pick up and drop off at your location = $50 (within 1.5 miles radius, in a pack, up to 4 dogs)


60 min neighborhood walk = $50

(within 1.5 miles radius, in a pack, up to 4 dogs)


Pick up fee within  2 - 4 miles radius (additional charge) = $25


We do offer one on one walk, walk'n Train sessions, please contact Happy Doggies for further information and pricing